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Ciel has two things going for her that might make people uncomfortable.

1) Due to her personality and powers, she frequently ends up in rather gory situations. We're talking lots of graphic blood, dismemberment, pain, and death. If that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, say so here and I'll try to avoid such situations when tagging your characters.

2) Ciel has mystic eyes that allow her to implant hypnotic suggestions in the minds of anyone she makes eye contact with. She couldn't get you to believe something obviously untrue, like that you have a second head or are dying, but she canonically uses this power to make total strangers think that they are old friends. When using this power, I will use blue text. If you don't want me using this power on your characters or feel that they could realistically resist this power (A very real possibility. It's subtle and hard to detect, but not very powerful.), comment here letting me know.

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May. 28th, 2012 12:20 am
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Player name: Eric
Character Name: Ciel
Character Canon: Tsukihime (Manga)
Canon point: Shortly after she arrived in Japan to search for Roa

Background: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Ciel

Abilities: Aside from being an accomplished fighter, Ciel has a variety of tricks and magics.
- She can create black keys (a kind of magic sword that is extra effective against magical creatures.) out of specially prepared pages from the bible, allowing her to store dozens of swords on her person at all times.
- With her black keys, she can freeze a person in place by pinning their shadow to the ground.
- She is shown to be capable of manipulating the black keys after she has thrown them.
- She has an enormous stake cannon known as the Seventh Holy Scripture that that destroys things on a conceptual level rather than merely causing damage to them. This allows Seventh Holy Scripture to damage things that should normally be indestructible.
- Because she survived being a host of the vampire Roa, reality still thinks Ciel is Roa, so as long as Roa is alive it is physically impossible for Ciel to die. As such she will regenerate from literally any injury that doesn't erase her existance on a level deeper than simple matter. She also has superhuman speed and strength and a high capacity for magic.
- Her eyes can create hypnotic suggestions in anyone she makes eye contact with as long as they don't have immediate obvious evidence suggesting that she's wrong (For example, she couldn't get you to believe you were missing an arm when you weren't, but she could make you forget about things you have experienced or remember things happening to you that didn't.)

Personality: Ciel's experiences as Roa have severly messed her up. As Roa, she methodically killed every person in her home town before being killed by Arcueid. Somehow, her body reassembled itself over the next three years. Then she got caught by the church which spent the next month trying every single method they could think of to kill her. Whether it's some bit of Roa's personality left over in her or just the combined trauma of all that death, pain and murder, Ciel can get a bit sadistic and masochistic sometimes.

She's the scariest member of Buriel Agency, a Church organization of extremely scary people. She is more than a little bit mentally unstable, violent, and prone to killing first and asking questions later. However, it also behooves her to move undercover, so she generally keeps up a facade of being a normal human being.

While trying to act normal, Ciel comes across as very calm and friendly, if a bit intense at times. She has no hesitation in using her mystic eyes to convince the people around her that she has been their friends for a while to get them to trust her. Normal-Person Ciel likes amusement parks, tea ceremonies, and curry. She is also very concerned about her friends, and urges them to not do anything dangerous.

While on duty, as it were, Ciel plays things very close to the vest. She orders bystanders out of the way without explaining anything, avoids explaining her motives to other people even if they aren't bystanders, and generally tries to keep control of who knows what. She takes risks that would be stupid for normal people without flinching, taking full advantage of her regenerative powers and not shrinking away from pain.

Ciel is very fond of curry and eats a lot of it. She's also a bit of a cosplay fan, as she apparently isn't required to wear any kind of uniform by the church but made one for herself just because. She's not very good at making friends. Though her canon point means she doesn't really know him very well yet, Ciel eventually admitted that Shiki was one of the few people she would let see her merciful side.

RP Sample: http://testrun-box.dreamwidth.org/41825.html


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